Welcome To D.N. Infrastructure

DN Infrastucture is a separate vertical of the parent company D Naresh Exports Pvt ltd. In the late 70s, Abhubhai Desai, ventured into the very unknown and secretive diamond industry, in the times when the industry was an infant in the country and work was very limited. He used to run a diamond cutting and polishing factory. He quickly realized the potential of trading in rough diamonds and for that he travelled to Belgium and started procuring diamonds from Belgium and selling them in India.

He was the best at sourcing the diamonds at the cheapest rates. He then partnered with Naresh Mehta and Dinesh Shah making D Naresh Kumar group. The group took the initiative to grow it in India.

The group rapidly made success stories and started climbing the ladder. By the time the market changed and grew big with more people entering the market and making business competitive, the group had reached far ahead due to sheer hardwork, perseverance, determination and vision with strength and sustainability. Today it is one of the most successfully running organizations with offices in Belgium, Dubai, Russia & Israel.